The Personal Finance Course

The Personal Finance Course – 75% off

This course teaches you how to sort your finances immediately.

It usually costs just £199.99 including booking fee but for a very limited time we are offering it for 75% off this value so £49.99.

Here is a secret, all of this information is already on this website for free

Yes that is correct, you can skip paying for the course and simply read the posts on this website.

The reason why the course is a good idea is because we have made a concise summary of everything you need to know and put it in an easy to digest format – the course is a two hour video giving you an overview of what you need to know.

The reason why the course is worth paying for is because it saves you going through thousands of our articles trying to figure out what you need to know right now to start investing in property.

It can be explained like this, what could you tell your twelve year old self about what you NEED to know in order to pass your high school exams? This is us, we are a grown up property company that can tell you what you need to know and what can be left in the school locker.

What should you be able to do after this personal finance course?

  1. Sort your short-term finances out immediately
  2. Envisage a lifelong dream of wealth building
  3. Create a path, strategy, and budget to facilitate this wealth building
  4. Live out your strategy and budget consistently
  5. Instil lifelong learning in your daily habits
  6. Learn to help others

How does the personal finance course work?:

You simply purchase the course below using a debit or credit card.

We email you a link to start.

It is a simple as that.

What is in the course?

Step 1 Stop spending money

Step 2 Discovering your finances

Step 3 Create a dream, plan and strategy for wealth building

Step 4 Create a basic baseline budget to facilitate and support your dream, plan, and strategy

Step 5 Be strict on expenditure

Step 6 Make more money

Step 7 Start your own side business

Step 8 Save a deposit for your mortgage

Step 9 Buy your first property

Step 10 Work towards your goal

Step 11 Keep learning

Step 12 Help others