In this article I am going to explain the learning circle to you.

This is what I call the process of learning from the first thought of ‘I want to learn____________’ to it’s inevitable failure or continued maintenance. Because these are the only two options — you can fail to complete the learning cycle. Or you can succeed in learning but then you have continued maintenance of those skills.

What the stages of the learning circle ?

The stages are as follows:

1 – You have the idea that you want to learn ______.

2-  You take action and buy all the things you need – this is the fun part. So you buy the books, the course, the pencil case….

3 – You start to learn ,you read the first chapter or start the first module.

4- You reach your first obstacles. Where you go from here determines your success.

5- You slowly stop and fail to learn any further.

6- Or, instead of stopping, you push through the hard part and keep going eventually learning.

7 -You maintain or grow your knowledge.

One thing I have learned is that you should never learn something unless you really want to keep going and maintaining your knowledge. Learning something new is easy at the start but quickly becomes difficulty and challenging.

So before you try learning something new, figure out why you want to learn this new skill and ask yourself are you going to keep going when it gets hard ?

Other tips for learning

Learning is improved by a lot of repetition as it gets the learning tips into your brain.

Speaking and discussing these ideas with your partner, family and friends helps question these new ideas or learning experiences and simply makes you more intelligent.