Property Investment

Property investment

Free: The complete guide to property investment for the small investor.

This is the ultimate guide describing the property investment process - a powerful investment tool that builds your net worth and benefits your local communities. If you are interested in starting making money in property investment remember to start small and work your way upwards - nobody starts out with owning 500 apartments straight away! Read more here
Why property investment is such a great investment choice

Article: Why property investment is such a safe but profitable investment choice

Property investment is such a profitable, safe, long-term investment choice. Property investment involves investing in purchasing a property asset and renting it out to receive a consistent rate of return. In property investment no problem is solved or no value is added to property. It is a great way for an investor to safely invest their hard earned cash and receive a solid rate of return and capital growth over the long-term Read more
Roger Akelius

Article: This guy owns about fifty thousand apartments around the world

Roger 'the Ghost' Akelius is the founder of Akelius Residential which buys, renovates and rents properties in major cities all around the world. We dig into his life to find out how he did it. Read more
Wayne Rooney

Article: Should Wayne Rooney really spend £15 million on a new mansion ?

Wayne Rooney is a former Manchester United and England football player. He has spent several years designing and building a new mansion in Cheshire. We take a look and ask, from an investment point of view, is it a good move ? Read more