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Free: The complete guide to Personal finance

This is the ultimate guide describing the personal finance process - if you want to build your net worth and benefit your local community you need to be able obtain finance. And you will simply not be able to....Start learning for free now
Personal finance

Opinion: Why personal finance is such a great idea

Personal finance for the property development course means sorting out your personal finances so you can obtain debt to invest in property and real estate. It involves reducing bad debt..Read more
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Profile Dave Ramsey: Net Worth and Biography

Dave Ramsey is a nationally syndicated radio host in the USA taking questions from people all over the country on personal finance in particular getting out of debt. Read more
Profile Dave Ramsey Net Worth and Biography

Profile: David James Millionaire footballer turned bankrupt

David James is the well known former Liverpool and England football (soccer) goalkeeper. He earned a small fortune during his long career but still managed to go bankrupt in his retirement. We look at what caused this and any lessons to be learned. Read more
This image shows David James footballer bankrupt

Profile: William Booth Co-founder of the Salvation army

William Booth is the co-founder of the Salvation army which is a large, international charity that has a quasi-military structure and is heavily influenced by Christian evangelism. We are interested in him because he created, from nothing, an organisation that helps people in over 130 countries. Read more
Profile William Booth Co founder of the Salvation army

Profile: Ten things newly rich people can blow all their money on

Newly rich people are at serious risk of blowing all their money on wine, women, song plus poor real estate investments, poor investment in general, expensive cars and so on. Read more
Ten things newly rich people can blow all their money on