Kevin Maloney Profile of a serious property developer

Kevin P. Maloney Profile of property investor

Kevin Maloney Profile of a serious property developer

Who is he ?

He is the founder and owner of Property Markets Group which is a property development group specialising in residential developments in New York, South Florida,  South Carolina and Chicago.




His father was a lawyer in the United States Marine Corps


University at Buffalo

First Investments

He used his student loans to purchase several properties during University.

First job

Maloney joined Chemical Bank in New York City from University and worked in the 30 Rock building in NYC.

He joined Ensign Bank a $2 billion federal bank, where he ran real estate.

First company

Maloney set up the Property Markets Group in 1991.

Personal life

Married with one child

What does he specialise in ?

  • acquisition
  • construction
  • renovation
  • financing
  • operation
  • marketing of residential and commercial real estate.
  • contract review
  • client, seller, vendor negotiations
  • identification of new investment projects
  • procurement of new capital sources.

What is his overall business plan ?

He buys land and buildings, develops the scheme and leases it out. He then sells them to a real estate investment trust or a property investor.

Where does he live ?

Maloney has a house on the beach in Golden Beach and a Penthouse on 84th and West End Avenue.

He also keeps a ranch outside of Aspen and a Flat in London