Here are some points to remember about reading books on property investment, property development, personal finance etc.

We really want you to learn that reading really matters to the progress you will make in your life.

Reading is great, but………….

Now before we begin we have to say that while reading and researching property development and investment is a really good idea, do not let yourself become someone who just studies and  never takes action. So give yourself a year to plough through these books but you have to start sometime and the earlier the better.

Do not get lost in reading every single book available. Books are good but you can spend a whole lifetime reading and not taking action

Don’t be cheap when it comes to investing in books

Books are the cheapest way of getting an education.

The education you get in most universities can be obtained by just self reading the book curriculum they hand out at the start of every year.

That is generally what lecturers do anyway – they literally make their own lecturers notes using the books on the curriculum.

You can get the benefits of a college education for the price of a couple dozen books.

Of course, if you study medical books you won’t be able to practice medicine but in property and real estate if you read those books you can invest in real estate!

Spend money on books – most are under $20.00 and you will learn at least one good thing from every book you read.

Compare a book to the price you pay for a beer. Would you rather a book for $12 or two beers? Remember a book lasts for life whereas two beers last about two hours in your bloodstream before you flush it down the toilet. The property development course is all about investment – so invest in yourself!

Concerning books for property developers, there is so much money in property development and investment that the price of books are tiny compared to the valuable information inside.

Keep reading

If you like a book do not just read it once. There are so many people that read a book that immediately speaks to them. And they feel inspired and motivated. And they never read the book again. We recommend reading a book over and over. Never lets its lessons slip out of your mind. If you have a business flipping properties keep reading that book on flipping properties.

Listen as well

Do not forget that you listen to books instead of reading them. Listen on your headphones while you work or on your radio when you drive.

Here is a list of the headphones we use.