How to create a business plan

How to create a business plan? We at the property development course recommend assessing property ideas using feasibility plans.

Once your idea has passed the feasibility plan with flying colours your next step in to create a business plan.

The business plan will put flesh to the bones of your idea.


You have the idea of buying a neighbouring house which is derelict, bringing the house back to code and then renting it out.

Then you used the property development course feasibility template to assess whether this actually makes sense.

You figure out that you will make a rate of return of 15%.

So you are ready to proceed.

Now you can use the property development course business plan template to develop the idea.

What is in a business plan template

  1. Cover page of the business plan
  2. Name of the person or business
  3. Address of same
  4. Executive summary of the idea
  5. Proposed team
  6. Forecasted costs
  7. Anticipated profits
  8. Expected profit or rate of return
  9. Program from inception to completion
  10. Source of finance
  11. SWOT analysis
  12. Summary

Want a template of a business plan for a property venture?

We have a perfect template in Microsoft word that you can use to fill in your business plan.

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