Harry Triguboff Net Worth

Harry Triguboff Net Worth. As of 2021, Harry Triguboff ’s likely net worth is estimated to be roughly $6 billion dollars. This is a short biography of Harry Triguboff  with particular emphasis on his net worth and his involvement in property development and real estate. All our biographies tend to be people of high financial net worth and only focus on them from a financial point of view, especially Real Estate and property investment. Our aim is to find any useful tips from them so that we can benefit -see our learning lessons below.


Harry Triguboff ’s net worth is likely to be $6 billion dollars, as of 2021.

Full Name

Harry Oskar Triguboff



Dalian (Darien at the time), Liaoning, Republic of China

Parents Occupation

His Dad was Builder

Where was he brought up ?


Education Before high school

Scots College in Sydney.

High school



Degree in textiles from the University of Leeds in England

First Job

Worked for textile businesses in Israel and South Africa.

Taxi fleet

Milk round in Chatswood

Selling real estate

Assistant to a lecturer at university

First big break

He bought land in Roseville to build his family house. He had problems with his builder so ended the contract. He finished the build himself learning how to build a house. He repeated the process but this time built eight apartments on a piece of land in Smith Street, Tempe.

Next move

Then he built a second development this time building eighteen apartments. He built them at Meriton Street in Gladesville. He created a company called Meriton Apartments Pty Ltd after this development.

He has continually grown the company and it has built over 60,000 residential townhouses and apartments.

It is Australia’s biggest residential property developer. Its main markets are the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sydney.

His earnings result from leasing most of his developments to short and long term tenants, with benefits from capital appreciation.

Harry Triguboff ’s net worth is likely to be $6 billion dollars, as of 2021.

Personal life

First marriage two children

Second marriage


Quotes from Harry Triguboff

“It is very bad. Without the Chinese nothing would ever get built…………Never mind the bullsh– stories, sales volumes have already dropped and prices are coming down steadily………………….The Chinese buyers are already disappearing………………………This is not a joke. Chinese real estate agents are already sacking staff,” ………….We have nothing else except real estate. We have to be very careful,” ”

All the above quotes are in relation to the Australian Government introducing taxes on overseas buyers.

Quick read

Immigrant into Australia starts building houses and then moves into building high-rise apartments.

Lessons to be learnt

Lesson 1

Anyone can get into Real Estate developing. Triguboff did not know how to build a house or an apartment block but he learnt along the way

Lesson 2

You do not have to be rich to succeed in real estate. Triguboff was not necessarily wealthy when he started out.

Lesson 3

Spot trends. Triguboff spotted that people were more than happy to move into the city and live in apartments provided the product was of good quality. He provided that product. Its important to be able to spot market trends and to take action to capitalise.

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As of 2020, Harry Triguboff ’s net worth is estimated to be $6 billion dollars.

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