Profile Earl Cadogan and family

Profile Earl Cadogan and family.

The Cadogan family have owned and managed nearly 100 acres of Chelsea and Kensington for over three hundred years.

The land came into the families possession when in 1718 when Lord Cadogan married the daughter and heiress of the famous physician and collector Sir Hans Sloane.

The current Lord Cadogan (this article was wrote in 2020) took over the estate in 1958 at the age of twenty-one.

Before taking over the estate he studied at Eton and worked at Schroder Wagg.

He has grown the estate into a £6 billion pound portfolio mainly through commercial leasing.

The estate includes many properties around Sloane Square and King’s Road including:

Belmond Cadogan hotel

Holy Trinity Church

Cadogan Hall

Duke of York Square

Snaigow in Perthshire


The estate is also patrons of various churches including:

  • East Chelsea
  • St Luke’s
  • Chelsea Old Church
  • Christ Church
  • Holy Trinity,
  • St Saviour’s


Just the Grosvenor estate, an estate structure is a wonderful way to protect your assets from taxes. Of course all of the big estates in the UK claim that keeping their assets in such estates allow larger, more considered development but the end result is that they pay less tax and continue to lord over large areas of land.

We at the property development course preach privacy at all costs. Lord Cadogan got himself into the tabloids for closing down a restaurant ‘Oriel’ because he didn’t like the food or the prices. Such public behaviour only leads to trouble.